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In The Flesh AU

Four years after the dead rose in Beacon Hills, Scott and Stiles, two Partially Deceased Syndrome sufferers, return to a very different town than the one they died in.

The Argent family leads the resistance against human-zombie integration. Allison, their leader-in-training, struggles with PTSD as she’s lauded as a war hero. Her growing relationship with Scott tests the uneasy peace in town. When Derek Hale, a disciple of the Undead Liberation Army, returns to Beacon Hills, he amasses a small cult of undead teenagers. Scott and Stiles try to figure out what the holy hell he’s after and keep the town from descending into all-out war.

And sometimes they go to raves and get drunk on brains.

"You’re my BDFF. Best Dead Friend Forever. Forever. That’s non-negotiable."

I actually left a Teen Wolf ‘In the Flesh’ AU prompt over at Zombie Fest here —> #230

It’s not the same as above but I’m still hoping one day someone will write it.


Facebook needs to stop sending me ‘See what’s new on Facebook this week!’ emails, because I don’t care what’s new on Facebook.

Tumblr needs to stop sending me ‘See what’s happening on Tumblr!’ emails, because I already know since I’m always on Tumblr.

You guys, you guys, wait!




Could it be, could it be?  Could my dearly held theory of Sitwell as triple agent be true?  Or is Max Hernandez just mercilessly playing with our affections?


Some other interesting things: Sitwell tries to warn Coulson about the plan that leads to Blake getting seriously injured and the fake-Clairvoyant killed. Garrett insults Sitwell’s abilities as a field agent (no love lost there). The Lemurian Star with its systems is already on its way before Sitwell is urgently assigned there, right before it gets hijacked (and he’s perfectly cool there even when increasingly twitchy mercenaries threaten to kill everybody). And when Senator Stern hugs him with a hail hydra - Sitwell keeps quiet and looks like he’d rather hug a snake. So… if Marvel wants to make the triple agent thing canon, they certainly can! (I’m holding on to my headcanon on that Sitwell is a) alive and b) on the side of good, because fuck the bullshit.))

He’s recovering in a safehouse with Bobbi watching out for him.

Mad Max: Fury Road - Comic-Con First Look [HD]

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I know ‘the third time’s the charm’, but I think twice is enough this time.

….you weren’t emailing me, were you? if so, I didn’t mean to ignore you

Not at all. :)

Just some distant relative drama that I’ve been going through for years. I’m trying to give this person the benefit of the doubt. She did eventually reply to me.





Too late. I already bought him a new video game and a pony. His bed time is never.


basched replied to your post:Saturday Stats
Well done with that progress ereshai! My Marvel Big Bang is about 20k and still going strong. Not nearly finished yet. Eeek! Good luck with them all luv! xxx

Thank you :)
20k is amazing! Great job.

Saturday Stats

My progress (week 11):

Marvel Bang, rough draft deadline August 27, final draft deadline October 15 - no title yet, 5308 words, plus notes 

Avengers Reverse Big Bang, deadline August 18, no title yet, MCU/Teen Wolf crossover: 2862 words

Zombie Fest bonus round, deadline September 27, Zombie Hunters, Assemble, MCU zombie apocalypse AU: 0 words

It’s James Spader.

Ah, thank you. Now I see it.